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  1. Jared

    Those changes sound exciting! I like the change to Traps particularly. The build up thing doesn’t sound as exciting to me, but I understand.

    • Thomas Rushing

      What do you think about the changes to Lightspeed? This would also effect the ability to respond with things like Armaments and Relics. Very curious on your feedback regarding this.

      As for the buildup effect. We definitely wont be changing the resource mechanic, just making it slightly more difficult to get to the ARC amount that you want to be at in order to accomplish certain goals. Subtle changes. The one thing we definitely won’t do is change the way the resource mechanic works.

  2. Jared

    Myself and 3 friends never have had a problem with Lightspeed itself. I had a problem trying to teach people the difference between Present and Timeless and have everyone remember that, especially as you said, when you are playing a lot of cards in one turn.

    • Thomas Rushing

      Thank you for the feedback Jared. This is really helpful, especially because you’re such a big fan. I am thinking it would be best not to remove Lightspeed completely from the game but to instead adjust the way you can respond with non Lightspeed cards.

      My biggest problem with Lightspeed is that there is too much of it, especially with the ability to respond with all of your relics, trinkets, armaments, etc. I think making it so you can only respond with Traps and cards with Lightspeed would make the games faster and it would also make it easier to develop new cards for ARC which because less testing would be involved. In addition removing Lightspeed from some cards that do not necessarily need it would help ever so slightly with that build up effect I keep talking about because it would force you to play the cards on your turn causing you to have less ARC Energy overall and when you begin your next turn. This also means less cards will be played per turn and makes it slightly less confusing. Lightspeed also becomes more powerful of an ability and if we print a card with Lightspeed it will make it much more special.


  3. Jared

    That’s an excellent explanation. Now I understand better why you want to adjust Lightspeed. Your solution sounds solid. You may also want to write a more in depth rulebook to explain how all these features work and be able to include the advanced rules from your website, like Limbo.
    Can’t wait for the new revision!


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