5 Business Lessons Enders Game Taught Me


I am surprised I haven’t read more articles comparing this novel to business and all the lessons that can be learned from reading it.  If you’re an entrepreneur, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read Ender’s Game.
Ender’s Game, the movie, will debut in theaters in Nov. 2013.  I can’t wait!

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It’s amazing what things we let change our lives.  I say let because before we can actually change anything we’ve got to have a mind that is open to change.  I was the executive manager of a company that flipped real estate in California’s Bay Area for 5 years.  This took place during the best and the worst of times.  When I became the executive manager of this business I built the company up from flipping 1 house every 2-4 months to flipping 2-4 houses every month.

You know those years when all hell seemed to break loose because the real estate bubble burst?  You’ve gotta remember all those crazy news stories…  CEOs were killing themselves, robbing their companies, and going to jail, people were losing fortunes, and the entire nation’s banking system basically collapsed.  We’re still feeling the back pain from those years today.  Well… Surprisingly, those years were my best years in real estate.  There were deals I did that Donald Trump would have been damn proud of.

How was I able to grow the business I was running when everything around me was collapsing!?  How in the hell did I accomplish this?  Well, I would like to think it’s because I am a fairly savvy entrepreneur, but the truth is I am a total nerd, as in; a dork, a geek, someone who spends their time thinking about Hoverboards and Lightsabers.  I credit a large portion of my personal success during the years I was in real estate to this amazing book called Ender’s Game.

Ender’s Game is a Sci-Fi Novel and Series based on kids that are put through rigorous military training so they can one day defend Earth from dangerous aliens.  Sounds like a good business book right?  On top of that It was published several decades ago, and the Author of Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card, often get’s labeled as homophobic and crazy.  So how is this book responsible in over $25,000,000 in real estate being flipped by me and my 2 employees?

Put it this way, if I were a manager or CEO of a major company I would require everyone in my employment to read Ender’s Game, EVERYONE.  It is nothing short of AMAZING.  I mean it, it’s mind blowing!  There are a plethora of business lessons that can be found in this book from management techniques to hostile takeovers.  The book is military based and surprisingly Orson Scott Card was able to create a very realistic picture of what a futuristic military training camp for youngsters might be like, even by today’s standards.  The 5 business lessons below that I learned from reading Ender’s game were some of the keys to my success in real estate, employee development, and growth:

  1. A good leader understands there will be times when following is necessary in order to learn.
  2. Before someone will allow you to teach them, you must create trust and the belief that you know something they do not.
  3. Thinking outside of the box creates opportunities for major growth.
  4. Playing a game and playing to win are two very different things.
  5. Everything changes and if you don’t adapt you will die.