Life Drives Me!

Keeping Track of Me, Daily.


  1. Jared

    I love game. My friends and I love the resource mechanic, we think it is something new and different.
    To get it out there more, I think more people need to know about it.
    Have you talked to Game Salute about their distribution services? ( ) In the drop down menu you can ask them about distributing your game.
    I a lot of game stores now carry Game Salute games.

    • Thomas Rushing

      Hey Jared! It’s great to hear from you =)!!

      I am going to let all of the people who reviewed our game previously know when it goes on sale so they can tell people. Game Solute did a review on it I believe, but I will check with them and see if they would like to do another. I think a nice touch would be a print and play version of a few decks to let some people try it for free. What do you think?

      I am really glad you enjoy the game so much. =)

  2. Jared

    Print and play would be cool. If you could get the game into a major distributor that would really have a good effect on the game sales. (Alliance, ACD, Impressions, WarGamesWest, among others)


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